Ecological footprint

We pay attention to economic, social, environmental and ethical challenges, international requirements, and liabilities. We try to make our ecological footprint as small as possible and we also expect this same focus and approach from our suppliers and partners.

How do we do this?

  • By centralising production and quality controls in one space, thus saving energy and reducing waste and logistical costs
  • By purchasing our products mainly in the harvest season, we reduce the need for storage at the supplier
  • By generating our own energy through solar panels and wind turbines
  • By using intelligent lighting and heating management systems
  • By operating as a paper-free office
  • By reducing the use of plastic
  • By being certified as both an organic and fair trade company
  • By offsetting our emissions from air traffic with a gift to the environment

Green award

In 2012, our logistics partner won a Lean and Green Award. As a sustainable logistics service provider, this company hopes to inspire other companies to operate in a sustainable way as well. How was this achieved?

  • By generating its own energy through wind turbines and solar panels
  • By consuming 37 to 45 percent less energy than other storage facilities
  • By using LED lighting in the production area

Continuous development

We at Medibel have the obligation to our planet to keep searching for new sustainable solutions.