Purchasing expertise

We select our raw materials with the greatest care. Thanks to our extensive and reliable network, we are always able to deliver quality and reliability of supply. Our buyers understand the market, know when shifts may occur and keep a close eye on the forecasts regarding the future developments in the market. We are always up to date with the latest crop information. And share this with our customers.

Customised solution

We develop and produce our blends according to the necessities and requirements of the customer. We do not work from a portfolio but create personalized juices and liquid food for each customer. By jointly going through the trial process with our customers we collaboratively grow towards the best taste sensation


The taste of the product must always be constant. It cannot differ per season, for example. Thanks to our global network, we can guarantee this homogeneous quality all year round and despite natural crop variations. We do this by purchasing the raw materials we need at the right time and by responding to changes. When necessary, we can adjust the formulation, so that we can always offer consistent organoleptic quality.

Logisitic support

Thanks to our strategic location at the port in Vlissingen-Oost, Medibel also offers support for transport and storage. At your request, we can arrange door-to-door multiway transport, with a large range of packaging (from bulk tankers to smaller packaging (refrigerated, frozen or aseptically filled).

Quality guarantee

Medibel stands for quality. Within our lab, we analyse and check the raw materials and final products. Because our analytical center adjoins production and distribution, we are constantly checking all phases of quality. Our laboratory is highly advanced and we often collaborate with our network of specialized laboratories.