The research and development team tastes the products when they arrive so we immediately know whether they meet the customer’s requirements. Our research and development department consists of highly educated and expert professionals from different backgrounds, who know exactly what the product requirements are. They develop more than a thousand formulas per year, for which they test many of new ingredients and raw materials.. Thus, they can find and add the right ingredient for a top-quality juice. Because the team is in direct contact with the client, they are also able to act quickly and offer suitable solutions whenever this is necessary.

Our laboratory

Part of the Medibel solution is a highly specialized quality control laboratory. Located at the storage and production facilities our laboratory has quick and direct access to all materials, allowing for immediate inspection and analysis at every step of the way. With its years of analytical experience our laboratory focuses on offering fast, reliable and actionable results. Quality control processes are highly automated, ensuring speed and consistency throughout. And with our carefully designed analysis procedures using top-of-the-line equipment we deliver unrivalled results. Having the Medibel R&D team on-site and building strategic partnerships with other specialized laboratories we always draw from a wealth of expertise. But we also give back: we share from our years of experience and research into quality control methods through the IFU Method of Analysis Commission, setting standards that help enhance quality control throughout the chain.

Quality control

Key quality control services offered by our laboratory:

  • Sensory assessment ranging from pass/fail tests to expert opinions
  • Rapid micro analysis:
    • Yeast count in <30 minutes (Bactiflow)
    • ACB viable cells and/or spore count in <4 hours (Veriflow ACB)
  • Classical micro analysis:
    • Total count of potentially spoilaging microorganisms in fruits and related products
    • Yeast
    • Mould
  • Brix, Acidity,  pH, Absolute density, Cells, Pulp, Vitamin C, Bostwick

Inspire to innovate

Do you need inspiration? Apart from blending the products, we also like to inspire our customers. The research and development team organises innovation sessions during which they show the latest market trends, tailored to your company. In addition, they organise workshops, brainstorming sessions, and marketing presentations.