Who we are

Our head office is based in Zaventem Belgium and our production in Vlissingen-Oost and in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We produce innovative liquid fruits and vegetables products for consumers from around the world. After checking the quality, we blend, pack and deliver to your  factory door. All juices are customised according to your specifications. We always use optimal fruit and vegetables that are sourced internationally. Whether you want a nectar, smoothie, fruit or vegetable juice or drink, we combine the tastiest flavours for you!

"The market fluctuates and fruit harvests can be influenced by many different factors, but Medibel maintains adequate inventories and guarantees the quality and safety of the products year after year."


Early 1960, one entrepreneur from the wine industry noticed that there was an increasing demand for more quality juices and tailor-made blends. Medibel was founded in the same years. The production consisted mainly of NFC juices of grapes, apple, orange and purees of summer fruits like peach, apricot, and tomato. In later years, the range of products was extended with the nectars made with tropical fruits. From 1980, the demand for standardised and more advanced products increased. To meet this trend, Medibel opened its own lab in Belgium which was later transferred into the Vlissingen sea port. This convenient location makes it possible to ship the goods as quickly and efficiently as possible to the rest of the world. Today, Medibel is one of the largest producers of the best custom-made products in the world. By continuously monitoring market developments, we stay up- to- date with the latest trends and market evolution.

How we work

Medibel likes to pro-actively develop new ideas, even before the customer has thought of them. Therefore each Medibel customer has an appointed account manager. This keeps our communications prompt and direct, so we can help you achieve your product goals. Just in case we are not able to fulfil your specific request, you can still be assured of our honest advice.

Medibel stands for...

  • Customer satisfaction: Our customers are at the core of our company, we meet their expectations and offer the best products
  • Innovative: we think ahead, offer new ideas, and offer creative solutions
  • Quality: we deliver consistency and quality for every order
  • Passion for continuous improvement: we enjoy what we do and our learning curve is never-ending