A taste of the sun for every moment

Beverage consumption moments are evolving and consumer's choices are depending on the situation he is in. The time, the place, the activity and products functionalities: each have an influence on the decision process of the consumer. It is therefore essential to find an adapted product for the right time. Considering, these parameters, we have developed specific drinks for all kinds of consumption moments: so let's start the day with some healthy fibers in your juice, or enjoy a (hot or cold) detox drink with lemon NFC and curcuma. Some smoothies or fruit-vegetable blends may help to reduce the hunger between meals and coconut water thirst quenchers will support you during sporting moments. At lunch an easy drinkable low sugar product with fennel extract and ginger will help the digestion.  For the evening we have developed products with relaxing ingredients, or coffee flavour, but if you want to enjoy the night a bit longer, some alcohol free cocktails or energy drinks with spices will entertain you. It is just a small selection of what we can deliver, plenty of versions of our taste of the sun can be enjoyed all day long.